Richmond-centric Homewares

New to Lily and the Weasel, these great new cast iron bookends & door stops.  Little Audrey aka The Skipping Girl pairs up with Punt Road’s Nylex silos to help keep your books neat & tidy!


Modern Collectable Homewares

If you’ve visited us before you will know we are big fans of Angus & Celeste and Have You Met Miss Jones. We’re not the only one as they are constantly being featured in design magazines, websites & blogs. Not only are these designers absolutely lovely people they create beautiful pieces that are super popular presents.


One Photo Just Doesn’t Do Them Justice!


A Perfect Partnership

A classic Laguiole cheese knife by André Verdier and a simple wooden board to place the bread and cheese on – perfection!


High Quality Australian-made Ceramics

When I opened Lily and the Weasel I went searching for amazing Australian made products, like these timeless classics with a modern twist. Robert Gordon Ceramics – more than sixty years of heritage, fired with imagination!


Old-School Letter Writing

We’ve recently added a new range of paper products to the shop – beautifully designed and eco-friendly – snail mail just got more appealing …


Richmond Pride

Anyone who has been into the shop will know it’s no secret that I love living and working in Richmond and we’ve actually started a small range of 3121 products to prove it! Some people call Richmond “the island” because it’s hemmed in on all sides … I like to think it’s because you don’t have to leave the island to find everything you need …