Links to some of my favourite shops & people:

Andrew Wuttke

A fantastically talented photographer (who also happens to be my husband!) Andrew’s portfolio is both diverse and creative – his images have appeared in some of the best architectural design books in Australia over the past couple of years.

Scout House

A treasure trove of fabulous finds – Orlando has the most amazing eye for sourcing stunning pieces of homewares and furniture that you will have to have!
Blogs I love to regularly check out:

Veggie Mama

I’ve been a vegetarian for decades now – probably just as well as I can’t really cook so if I ate meat I’d probably have been living on Hungry Jacks for years! Veggie Mama has been inspiring me to start learning how to make some delicious meals.

Jurianne Matter

My mother is Dutch and I’ve grown up loving the design aesthetic of Holland.
Jurianne is a Dutch paper designer of such beautiful things and her blog is just gorgeous.

Missing Goat

When my urges to live in the country get too great I head to this blog to read about the idyllic life I know I would lead if I could somehow merge a tree change with never leaving Richmond!

Winston’s Roost

Alas, Winston has moved on from interiors to knitting!
However, the posts are still up on the “old” site if you need inspiration for beautiful interiors!
And if like me you love knitting then check out Winnie’s new site: From the Purl Side.